Saturday, November 3, 2012

Welcome to Harrah Ranch

                                                                         The entrance to Harrah Ranch, Rockin 1 Way

Harrah Ranch is located in beautiful Paso Robles, California.
We are fortunate to enjoy beautiful weather and a temperate climate,
providing us with four seasons of outdoor enjoyment.

Dennis and Teresa Harrah welcome you!


Our seasonal temps in the summer range in the 90s-100s with the ocean breeze arriving close to 3:00 p.m. afternoons and temps fall into mid to lower 50s at night. Our mild winters can get below freezing but a rare occurrence that certainly hurts the vines. Rainy season is winter into spring some years can have the average of rainfall of 14 inches.   

The years of good rains yield a crop in the lower pasture nearly 1000 bales of forage hay. 
Typically the pastures can be grazed out from Feb. through late April. 
The front pasture provides  free grazing in certain times of the year.

Please explore and browse through the site to learn more about us!