Paso Robles Ambiance

A Brief History of Paso Robles

The charming city of Paso Robles is located on the Salinas River, on the beautiful Central Coast of California between Monterrey and Santa Barbara. 

Located approximately 25 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean in Central California, historic Paso Robles was once called El Paso de Robles, "The Pass of the Oaks" and is known for its mineral waters. Paso Robles was established  on a  Mexican land grant that was purchased by James and Daniel Blackburn in 1857.  

In the 1880′s Paso Robles was a sought-out health resort destination known for its bath houses and mineral hot springs along the legendary Camino Real trail. In fact, Franciscan priests from neighboring Mission San Miguel constructed the first mineral baths in the area.   The Salinan Indians lived in the area thousands of years even before the mission era. They knew this area as the “Springs” or the “Hot Springs” 
 where they found relief from various ailments in the therapeutic waters and soothing mud baths.

In 1864, the first El Paso de Robles Hotel was constructed and featured a hot mineral springs bath house.
During this period, Paso Robles began to attract the pioneer settlers who would become the founding members of the community. They would later establish cattle ranches, apple, walnut and almond orchards, dairy farms, and vineyards.   

For the most part, Paso Robles was home to many cattle and horse ranches and only a few vineyards.  Since the 1990s, it has gained recognition for wine production with an abundance of vineyards, as well as the production of olive oil and almond orchards. 

Downtown Paso offers a variety of quaint and relaxed eateries,  tastefully appointed hotels and a small park. The ambiance of Paso Robles is charming and inviting for locals and tourists alike.

  Cheval Hotel

Morro Bay Beach is about 25 miles away

 Above: Cass Vineyards from our patio  

Paso Robles is the home of many award winning vineyards and is second only to Napa in wine production
with hundreds of regional vintners! Here you will find some of our favorite spots as we explore the many fine vineyards in the region.

Steve Cass and son with Teresa   visit for details

 Cass Winery Ted Plemons, owner partner, with Lindsey, Manager (right) & Teresa (center)

Below: Sculpterra Winery... our nearby neighbor

  Above & below: Sculpterra's gardens 
photos courtesy of

 Sculpterra's gardens 
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Family and friends at Sculpterra:

  To illustrate the importance of the Paso Robles region, we'd like to share a story of one of our local vintners:


Welcome to L'Aventure

Stephan Asseo, owner and winemaker at L'Aventure Winery, began making wine in 1982, following his education at L'Ecole Oenologique de Macon, Burgundy, France. In that same year, Stephan established Domaine Courteillac in Bordeaux. He and his family later purchased Chateau Fleur Cardinal and Chateau Robin in the Cotes de Castillion, Bordeaux. Over the next 15 years, Stephan developed into an artisan winemaker of fastidious craftsmanship, and gained a reputation as a maverick vigneron. However, his true desire was to be more innovative than AOC law would allow. In 1996, this led him on a quest for a great terroir, where he could pursue his ideal as a winemaker. After searching for over a year among the world's great wine fields, ranging from South Africa to Lebanon, and Argentina to Napa, Stephan found Paso Robles. Stephan immediately "fell in love" with the unique terroir of west side Paso Robles. The rolling topography of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, the deep calcareous soils, and the maritime influence of the renowned Templeton Gap all combine to produce a world class wine country, with the potential to craft some of the world's greatest blends. It is here, in Paso Robles, that Stephan began his adventure, "L'Aventure".   Read more about L'Aventure winery on their site

Teresa and the girls at L'Aventure

 Another vintner in our neighborhood, Tobin James...a fantastic producer!  We regularly enjoy 
their wines.... visit 


Treana Winery is the home to Treana Red Table Wine from Paso Robles, and Treana White Marsanne/Viognier blend from Monterey County’s Mer Soleil Vineyard. Treana also makes Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Syrah.

 Fun with friends on our tasting tours